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Chum sex

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Age: 46
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City: Green Bay, WI
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Chum unknown.

Flirtation that is used to attract a girl. Chum is bait that is thrown into the water to try to attract tuna fish at sea, so they chum sex will bite a hook.

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Chum in the real life sense are flirtatious comments that a guy puts out towards a chum sex in the hopes that he will "catch. Chum is another word for ejaculating.

An abbreviation for chewing gum. Of or pertaining to the anal region--especially when related to sexual activity.

The butthole. Chum sex Chumming said to Chum Two: Eat my chum! A slang term for an Indian Native American originated in Wisconsin.

Apparently thought of because of how Indians pronounce the "um" sound. Short for Chummy.

Look at those damn chums over there trying to spear a buffalo! The act of reaching orgasm.

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