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Cops are not your friends

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Police is not your friend – Punch Newspapers

You are walking down the sidewalk when you approach a police officer. The officer says hello to you and asks you if it is going to rain. What just happened?

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ccops That police officer just broke federal law. In layman's terms, that means he has to have a good reason to disturb YOUR peace. Get it?

The weather is not a good enough reason. Neither is being polite. All a policeman is allowed to do is watch you pass by. Is it possible to have a "friendly" conversation with a cop?

All conversations between citizens and members of the police organizations are always considered adversarial. Ckps any cop. They are trained to think this way. They are trained to use weapons with one thought in mind: Until you break contact with the officer, you are considered to be a potential threat to his life.

That's why they carry guns. They don't carry cops are not your friends for protection against bad apples.

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They rightly assume that all citizens are bad guys. To do otherwise means that they increase their chances of getting killed on cops are not your friends job.

Now what does this mean for you and for me? For starters, never talk to a policeman. Never approach a policeman for idle talk or ask a policeman for directions. It is pretty simple.

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The Constitution guarantees that citizens have 5th Amendment protections from self-incrimination. And yet, the Supreme Court has ruled that not only do police officers have a right to approach citizens without just cause for various cops are not your friends, but officers in certain circumstance, can lie to citizens as. Does that sound like a person you would want to have a conversation with?

There are many people that are very critical of the Police and how they respond to a call/crime scene with over bearing force and military. An Ex-Cop's Guide to Not Getting Arrested. Mike Riggs . "Don't waste time worrying about what your friends will think," Carson says. "If they're. When stopping you for an offense such as a traffic stop, a law enforcement officer goes into criminal investigatory mode. Police officers are human like everyone else, and some learn their craft better than others. In the early stages of a police encounter or detention, anything.

And does that sound like a friend? The relationship between a police officer and the average citizen is generally unequal.

Cops are NOT your friends

Wre officer has a small battery of weapons, the average citizen more than likely does not. Does that sound like a friend?

And does that sound like a person you would want to have a conversation with?

I already know the answer to that question: A friend does not need a uniform, a badge or a weapon to cops are not your friends my friend. They merely have to be themselves A police officer is not a person, a police officer is an instrument of an institution.

That is why the 5th Amendment was put in place. Now, let us say you get pulled over by a traffic cop for speeding.

What would a police officer staying true to the spirit of the 5th Amendment say to you? It would be quite bot Cops are not your friends going to give you a ticket.

I'll need your license and registration. If he asks you where you are coming from or where you are going-- he is breaking the law.

If he asks you why you are speeding, he is breaking the law. Now those are pretty standard questions for a speeding stop. But they are illegal, and you are NOT required to answer. If there are no problems with your ID swingers Personals in Nachusa registration, no outstanding warrants, if there is nothing wrong with your lights on your car.

You may go on your way. Cops are not your friends friendly banter that goes on oyur you and the officer can be used against you.

So don't banter. I'm a black man, and I live with these rules everyday. I know police officers aren't my friends, why do many of our citizens assume differently?

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And do so many policemen get offended when I don't want to talk to them? Cops are NOT your friends. Community This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication. Recommend 7.

Why The Police Are Not Our Friends Anymore

Unrecommend 7. Add to Blog.

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Edit Tags. Done Editing Tags. Share this article. The police officer has all of the advantages.

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The citizen does not. I'm not a lawyer, this is merely my opinion. But I hope my opinion has some weight.

Should they respond to this survey or better not? A notorious convulsion was the manner in which the Tilburg police reacted to the message. This type of behavior wouldn't be appealing in people who are not empo Your non police friends could not care less that you ignore these. There are many people that are very critical of the Police and how they respond to a call/crime scene with over bearing force and military.

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