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I Search Couples How to tell if ur girlfriend is lying

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How to tell if ur girlfriend is lying

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Honesty is absolutely essential in any healthy relationship.

When there is a lack of honesty in a relationship, then that automatically translates to a lack of trust and respect between two individuals. You never want to be kept in the dark when it jr to your relationship.

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You always want the facts to be staring right at tk in the face. You never want your partner to be keeping any secrets from you because that would make you feel betrayed and undervalued as a confidant.

You always want your partner to feel comfortable with girlfriens you the truth no matter how difficult it may be to express it. When there is substantial dishonesty in a relationship, it will make for a very dysfunctional love affair.

It can be difficult to tell whenever a person is lying to you especially when you generally believe that people always tend to be kindhearted and good-natured.

But you also have o b vigilant. You have to protect yourself from lies and deceit.

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There are some subtle signs that you can look out lyingg in order for you to tell when a person is lying to you. There must always be some kind of explanation. There is always some sort of gray area that she wants to make clear to you.

You only asked her a simple yes or hoow question about your suspicions but she really feels like she has to defend. You know what they say about how when you repeat a lie often enough, people will start to believe it to be true.

She always tries to repeat her lies as much as possible only to convince you of their validity. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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