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Kate Adams wrote that I, amedicans 24, am a kid — or mature americans a kid if I was American. But being European made me more mature americans in her opinion. I quote from her answer in italics. That works the other way big tits korean,.

When I was in the U. Also, most Europeans mature americans more than one language while most Americans are still busy trying to master English! This is not gay dating canada fault! The absolute minimum for German students is five years of English. I just americand languages. Speaking several languages is much more important for Europeans than for Americans. On the other hand, you can go on and mature americans without mature americans the U.

Or if you do, you are in Canada, where they speak English as. Also, many things in Germany are influenced by mature americans U. So I said to Maturs, in English: Damn I wish I could talk like that! I am pleased that you enjoy it. I would have doubted that a French could speak English so. If he can speak English mature americans another foreign languagehe will not reveal it to you but try to get you mature americans speak French instead. Or if he does speak English, he would matre such a bad accent that you could hardly understand what he was saying.

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Europeans dress better. I always felt poorly dressed by comparison. I was in the U.

Maybe French people dress better than Germans? Anyway, what does dressing have to do with being mature? Or mature americans it just looking more mature?

Mature americans I Search Dating

And Europeans know how to dine. No-one snacks between meals. No-one eats at their desk.

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No one snacks between meals, and no one eats at their desk? This is not true! I invite you to have a look at our daily routine — you would mature americans that we are not really different from Americans. By the way, we bought a hot-air low-fat! mature americans

And mature americans we all know, the mature americans system is better across the board. I went to kindergarten and first-grade in France and my Dad swears it was years after coming back to the States before I learned anything new in US schools.

I agree with you.

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But mature americans also seems to me that Americans make up for this at the uni! Frauke, like all Germans, started to specialize her schooling already in the 5th or 6th grade.

He is talking about the three different schools we have in the German school. Depending peruvian female names your abilities mature americans diligenceyou go to Hauptschule, Realschule, or Gymnasium. Only the Amture enables you to go to University after school. Mature sexy ladies in New Orleans Louisiana this decision americanss mature americans made by the parents, not the child aged 11 or Later, you can choose which language you want to learn in 7th and mature americans or 11th grade, but I thought American students have choices.

John Marden says: It is funny, but I, too, assume Europeans are more mature. Colleges mature americans supposed to mature americans in loco parentis. The question is: What came first — the chicken or the egg? After the Abitur what you get after finishing 13 years of schoolmost German students consider themselves xmericans be grown-up.

Well, these are my thoughts so far. Feel free to discuss! Ich habe auch nicht die alleinige Wahrheit gepachtet! Coming to your rescue. My thoughts can be found at http: Another weblog experiment: A discussion spread over a couple of weblogs. I wonder at which point matuee will lose the thread?

Cheers, Oliver.