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What does your online profile say about you

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Curious about what your Instagram profile and your social media usage says about you? Read on to find out iStock.

It can also expose some of your personality traits and your current state of mind. Still curious to learn what your social media profile and usage could be saying about you?

What do they say that they go looking for on your social media profiles? will be looking to see how innovative and original you are in what you do online. No doubt you have heard the term personal branding. Once upon a time only companies had to worry about their brands. Now individuals do. Whether you are just trying to get more exposure online, connect with your fans or customers, In a few words, what would you say about your business?.

Read on to find out some interesting insights about your actions backed by years of psychological research. Posting dark or black-and-white photos on your Instagram can be a sign of yiu iStock.

To prove ohline theory, researchers Andrew G. Reece of Harvard University and Christopher M. Danforth of the University of Vermont created a computer script that analyzed galleries of Instagram photos.

The findings? It accurately predicted if the users were depressed.

And interestingly enough, they found that human ratings salluit photo attributes — i. Another indication you may be depressed? If you never use filters on your Instagram photos iStock.

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Some even download apps specifically made to alter and enhance the look of their images. But in their study, Reece and Danforth reported that depressed people are less likely than others to use any filters on their Instagram images.

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Teenagers can sometimes be guilty of deleting their Instagram photos because of a lack of likes iStock. Interestingly enough, teenagers tend to interact with more photos than adults do, but they also seem to post fewer photos themselves.

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Adults post photos with more diverse topics in mind, while teens mostly post photos that reflect their mood. Posting frequent selfies can be a great confidence booster, but it can also create conflict with others iStock.

Researchers at Florida State University examined the predictors and consequences of posting selfies on Instagram. Editing or enhancing images can be bad for how you perceive your body image iStock. They also affect how you see.

Individuals who post frequent selfies can seem narcissistic to others iStock. It should come as no abut that some of our behaviors on social networks can make us look like narcissists or even psychopaths. It may indicate, however, that you could be predisposed to higher than average levels of antisocial traits.

Boastful posts can be another indicator of narcissism.

Researchers Tara C. Narcissists will frequently post about things like their diet, personal achievements, and their exercise regimen in order to seek attention and to feel validated. Your body image may not be as healthy as you think iStock.

But a recent study found that the majority of fitspiration images posted online represent a single body type: Additionally, most images contained objectifying elements.

Almost a fifth of these women were at risk for diagnosis of a clinical eating disorder, compared to just 4. Not posting comments on social media can put you at a higher risk of loneliness iStock.

Our advice?

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Keep those comments and messages coming! The users you choose to follow on Instagram can say something about your state of mind.