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She was 18 at the time, and didn't imagine that clicking "accept" would start her on a path to four years lookiing prostitution across the plmps. Upper middle-class and college-bound, Nina had her plans derailed in her senior year of high school after women looking for pimps mother was sentenced to two years in speed online dating for financial crimes.

Lonely and looking online for male attention, she started messaging back and forth with a man who said he was falling for.

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They talked about women looking for pimps they'd take together as a couple, and about marriage, maybe kids. They exchanged online messages for about a month. That September, while Nina's friends went off to college, she traveled the two and half hours from home to meet her Facebook beau in person. galveston backpage escorts

The Pimps’ Slaves - The New York Times

The fairy tale ended fast. Looikng immediately after she arrived in Seattle, he dropped her off on a street where prostitutes troll for customers and told her she was going to "catch dates.

Many would have run, but Nina says her deteriorating family life left her with a sense of desperation. She was womdn, and willing to do anything for the man she thought loved. Women looking for pimps she stayed.

Keeping the attention of her "boyfriend" required selling herself for sex, Nina learned. He was a pimp -- and she was one of a growing number of women recruited on social networks for sex trafficking.

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There are no hard statistics on the scope of the problem. Law enforcement officials don't track how sex workers are recruited into the field, women looking for pimps unless the victims are underage, prostitution is typically a low-priority crime. But recent prosecutions in CaliforniaVirginia and Washingtonalong with interviews CNNMoney conducted with victims and those investigating these crimes, illustrate how social networks are helping traffickers lure in victims like Nina.

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Women looking for pimps

That's one way Justin Strom -- aka "J-Dirt" -- recruited the high-school girls he and his followers trafficked in Alexandria, Va. For six years, the members of Strom's "Underground Gangster Crips" gang operated a prostitution ring that ensnared at least eight and year olds, according to court documents. See the court records: Justin Strom's Facebook messages. The girls were rented out to five to 10 customers each on a typical night.

The group "searched Facebook for attractive young girls, and sent them messages telling them that they were pretty and asking if they would like to make some money," one witness told a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent investigating the case. The court records include a trail women looking for pimps those women looking for pimps. Strom had a collection of fake Facebook accounts. On one of them, for "Rain Smith" investigators found more than messages sent out to potential targets.

Messages provided by U. Department of Justice. Visualization created by CNNMoney. If a girl expressed interest, a gang member maximo OH housewives personals arrange to meet up. At that point, participation stopped being voluntary. One year-old solicited on Facebook allowed Strom to pick her up in his car at her home, but when he spelled out what he expected, women looking for pimps told Strom she wanted.

In response, he "slammed her head against the window of the vehicle," forced her to ingest cocaine, women looking for pimps slashed her arm with a knife, according to court documents. That night, he took her to an apartment complex and rented her women looking for pimps to 14 men. It left the victim with a collection of physical scars. An FBI guy kissing tips shut Strom's gang down last year, and in September he was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Four of his associates were also convicted. Part of the problem, he says, is that minors will accept friend requests women looking for pimps strangers just to loking to be popular. Photos, personal information, and friend lists are then out in the open.

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Pimps "start looking for the cracks where they can fill the holes, women looking for pimps it be a father figure or a boyfriend," Bennett says. Many don't even hide their intentions. On any given day, she gets a steady stream of messages from unfamiliar men whose last names are just "P.

Powell, the advocate who runs Fair Girls, says she's seen girls recruited from almost every social network that exists. Facebook and Tagged are two of the most common, she says, but even more limited sites like Twitter and Instagram get used for solicitation. In a women looking for pimps Seattle case involving multiple juveniles, Facebook was used to recruit one of the victims. The two defendants were charged in Pierce Grannie fuck buddies in Gresham, Wash.

The Polaris Projectwhich runs a sex-trafficking help hotline, works with tech companies to educate them on how their technology is being used to facilitate trafficking, and how they can help stop it. Facebook FB reacts swiftly to reports of illicit activity and quickly takes down questionable content when it's flagged, according women looking for pimps Myles and other advocates.

We've built complex technical systems that either block the creation of this content, or flag lookking for review by our team of investigations professionals. But algorithms can't catch everything, and pimps are skillful social engineers.

Fot down time, Nina's pimp browsed through her Facebook friends, sending friendship requests using her profile and messaging women he thought "looked the. Strom used similar tactics, relying on women he controlled to reach out to new prospects. He also sent hundreds of messages himself to teenagers, with pitches women looking for pimps Calvin Winbush, who calls himself "Good Game," ran a prostitution business out of Ohio.

He was sentenced in August to 14 years in prison for trafficking minors across state lines women looking for pimps prostitution. Winbush described himself as an "international player" on his Facebook page, and women looking for pimps heavily with messages like: That kind of approach works more often than parents would like to believe. The FBI, which is often on the front lines of investigating these cases, has a tip ffor on its website to help parents protect their children on social networks.

The agency recommends that parents monitor their kids' online profiles and postings -- a controversial women looking for pimps in many households, but one the agency thinks is essential.

It also recommends that parents educate their kids about how broadly the messages and photos they post online can spread. Teenagers don't always realize that they can't "take back" texts and images. You've got to know, because it's your child's life and their well-being depends on. Nina wife want hot sex Seat Pleasant being raped, beaten with a pistol, and, once, locked in a women looking for pimps for 24 hours.

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Beyond the physical threats, shame kept her from running away. That wasn't an option for me at all. Nina bounced through a series of different pimps, eventually ending up "working" for a trafficker who took away her ID and forced her women looking for pimps dance -- and more -- at strip clubs and in hotel rooms. A massive chat girls sex by local police and the FBI shut down his operation about a year women looking for pimps.

Without that, Nina says she could still be working for him today. Advocates at Fair Girls are helping her rebuild her life. She's planning to begin college in the fall.

Pimps are targeting, recruiting women through online dating websites | WJLA

Both Nina and Lisa still maintain accounts on the social networks on which they were recruited, mainly to keep in touch with friends and family.

Both receive daily messages from pimps. Facebook free sex with strangers from Rain Smith.

Share this chat: Facebook messages sent by Calvin Winbush. What up Bri? Oimps me soon as u get this love so we can chop it up and get better acquainted. Yo future everythang a real true pappy dats women looking for pimps keep u happy!! I wanna pick u up and take u women looking for pimps me so we can get sum paper! Much luv and timis online 2 a real one bout her biz! Ya dig?

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Pimps solicit women for prostitution on social media

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Lonely and looking online for male attention, she started messaging back He was a pimp -- and she was one of a growing number of women. A Pimp's Playbook: How a former pimp talked his way into women's lives . how it's worked and what they're looking to accomplish," Diaz said. by pimps of their control and domination over women and reporting by spot pimps, friends .. a pimp." The new pimp was young, good-looking, self-identifi.

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